My Los Angeles Adventure in 3 Days!

My Los Angeles Adventure in 3 Days!

Traveling by bus from Las Vegas to Los Angeles took me approximately 4-5 hours, and surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad experience at all. While flying is an option, traveling by road has its perks. Firstly, the bus allows one luggage and one handbag, whereas flying usually requires purchasing baggage allowance. Secondly, bus fares are much more economical compared to flights. So, consider your convenience before deciding on your mode of travel.

Bus ride from Vegas to LA

Where to Stay?

Staying downtown is advisable as everything becomes easily accessible. During my time in LA, I opted for a hostel which was a first-time experience for me. I browsed for hotels within my budget but found them to be too expensive. Reluctantly, I opted for a hostel instead. Initially skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised by my stay. I booked a room at Freehand in Downtown, a vibrant hostel with a rooftop swimming pool and bar. I chose a 4-quad female-only room and bonded with roommates from Australia, Brazil, and the US. We had a great time together, exploring the city, shopping, dining out, and simply chilling around the hostel. It was refreshing to have companions to talk to upon returning. We’ve even stayed connected through social media, maintaining our friendship over time.

My Hostel Room

Places to Visit

Day 1

Santa Monica Pier

A must-visit for its lively atmosphere, Santa Monica Pier came highly recommended by my roommate. Though I opted for a taxi, I later regretted it due to the high cost. It’s advisable to take a bus or train to save money on transportation. Nevertheless, arriving at Santa Monica uplifted my spirits and filled me with joy. Santa Monica, a stunning coastal city, lies along Route 66 leading to the Pacific Ocean. No trip to LA is complete without visiting Santa Monica.  I found myself captivated by the vibrant energy of the place. Instead of lounging on the beach as planned, I spent my time strolling around the pier, soaking in the music from talented street performers. The variety of food options around the area ensured I didn’t go hungry. I spent nearly four hours there before heading back to the hostel, thoroughly contented by the experience.

Santa Monica Pier
Watch the Sunset

Day 2

City Tour of Los Angeles: (Santa Monica Pier/ Venice Beach/ Rodeo Drive/ Farmer’s Market/ Griffith Observatory/ Walk of Fame)

I had booked a full-day city tour of Los Angeles for $99, opting for a bus tour that offered pickups from specific hotels and locations. Choosing the pickup point nearest to my hostel, I arrived there at 8 AM. Once everyone was gathered, our first stop was Santa Monica Pier from where the tour originated. Having visited the place the day before, the morning visit didn’t excite me as much, especially knowing that Santa Monica truly comes alive in the evening. We spent about 20 minutes there before heading to Venice Beach. While Venice Beach was enjoyable, personally, I preferred Santa Monica. My advice to anyone planning a trip to Los Angeles: make sure to visit Santa Monica independently, allowing yourself ample time to soak in the vibrant atmosphere the place has to offer.

Venice Beach

After our time at Venice Beach, we continued our journey towards Beverly Hills, specifically to Rodeo Drive. Our bus driver, who also served as our guide, shared fascinating details about the places we passed along the way. At Rodeo Drive, known for its luxurious shopping experiences, you can window-shop on high-end showrooms or purchase what you desire if your budget allows. It’s the same iconic street where Julia Roberts famously shopped in “Pretty Woman,” and we even got to see the hotel where her character stayed. With 40 minutes to explore, our driver mentioned that using the hotel’s restroom did not cost, so I took advantage of the opportunity and visited the Beverly Wilshire. It was magnificent, I must say. It screamed luxury from every corner, I wonder how their rooms might be.

Inside Beverly Wilshire

Following some leisurely window-shopping, our journey took us through the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills to the bustling Farmer’s Market for lunch. This vibrant market caters to every palate, offering a variety of dining options to satisfy every person. No one will leave the market hungry, I guarantee! From restaurants serving various cuisines to local shops offering meats and regional delicacies, there’s something to please everyone. Additionally, the market provides opportunities to purchase souvenirs for yourself or loved ones, adding a touch of local flavor to your visit.

Farmers Market

Following a delightful lunch and picking up some souvenirs, we boarded the bus and made our way to Griffith Observatory.Griffith Observatory stands as an iconic symbol in Los Angeles, providing stunning view of the cityscape and the renowned Hollywood Sign. A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without capturing a photo with the Hollywood Sign, and the observatory offers one of the perfect points for this quintessential photo shoot. Positioned atop Mount Hollywood, Griffith Observatory provides a close-up view of the Hollywood Sign, making it the perfect spot to capture that memorable Hollywood moment.

Iconic Hollywood Sign

Following our satisfying photo shoot with the Hollywood Sign, we headed towards the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No trip to LA is complete without a stop at the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and search for your favorite celebrity star. It took me nearly 30 minutes to locate Beatles, to fulfill a request from my brother. While I was not much intrigued seeing those celebrities name carved on the floor, I made the effort for the sake of my brother’s request. For those planning a visit, utilizing Google Maps can be helpful in locating specific celebrity stars.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Finally The Beatles

I had already seen enough of Walk of Fame which was the last stop of the day and around 4 PM, I decided to head back to the hostel. Upon returning, I reunited with my roommates, with whom I had formed a strong bond. One of them was from Australia, and together we went shopping and enjoyed a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was refreshing to spend time with someone new. Another roommate was from the US, and our conversations were equally enjoyable. Despite spending the day doing our own activities, it felt comforting to return to the hostel and engage in conversation with others. I had already booked tickets for Universal Studios the next day, and I was excited about the upcoming adventure.

Day 3

Universal Studio

The following day, I took a taxi to Universal Studios. I was immediately taken aback by the sheer size and energy of the place. The excitement bubbled up inside me as I embarked on an adventure I wouldn’t forget. One of the highlights for me was definitely the Harry Potter ride – it was an absolute blast! But the thrills didn’t stop there.

That’s Harry Porter for You!

The Universal Studio Tour took us on a journey through iconic movie sets, with the added excitement of 3D glasses that made everything feel incredibly real.

It felt like we were right in the middle of the action, especially during the Fast & the Furious segment – I swear, I could almost touch Vin Diesel! Everyone was enjoying the thrilling ride to the fullest.

Despite my initial hesitations, I decided to brave the ride at Jurassic. I was nervous, but a kind and supportive family that I met in line encouraged me to give it a go. Holding onto the hand of one of the ladies throughout the ride made all the difference, and I ended up having a blast.

Universal Studios is massive, with so much to see and do. I only managed to muster the courage for three activities, but I still had a fantastic time. The variety of food options available was also impressive, and I couldn’t resist indulging in some delicious tacos for lunch. I’ll admit, I had initially considered skipping Universal Studios altogether. But thanks to the strong recommendation of a friend, I decided to go for it – and I’m incredibly grateful that I did. It turned out to be an unforgettable adventure, filled with thrills, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Approximately after four hours of exploration, I made my way back to the hostel. With its rooftop pool, my roommates and I decided to unwind there in the evening. Engaging in conversation with fellow travelers from diverse corners of the world made for a pleasantly relaxing experience.

Rooftop Pool

Later, my roommate and I ventured out for dinner, and upon return we spent the evening with a delightful photo session.

Final dinner at LA
Friends made on the Trip

With that, my three-day adventure in LA came to a close, and I eagerly anticipated what San Francisco had in store.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog as I journey to San Francisco.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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