Lockdown B’day Celebration… 2020!

Lockdown B’day Celebration… 2020!
I was really sad few days before my B’day thinking about all the lovely time I had over the past few years on that day. I had my travel plans which could not be materialised. Then was a time when I would think I will travel to Cambodia on my B’day and then after COVID arrived, I changed my destination to Leh. I thought domestic travel would be safe. Then the disaster hit India too and we are now in lockdown for more than 40days!! I don’t think travel is going to be the same anymore. The night before my B’day, I slept thinking it’s going to be a boring day and I’m not going to do anything. Then the DAY arrived and I suddenly felt I had two choices; either keep sulking and have the worst B’day I ever experienced OR do something to make it interesting! I chose the latter. I was feeling so pampered and happy as my family and friends was calling & texting me since midnight. I was suddenly happy again!! Wearing a mask I went to the buy some chocolates and a cup cake for myself. I then distributed the chocolates to the society guards. I called my maids so that I could give it to them too.. for their kids.. Then I ordered a sumptuous lunch for myself. Goa right now is in Green Zone and I thought I could take that chance. I ordered so much food for a single person that it’s been 2 days but I still have some leftover in my fridge.
My B’day Lunch!
I was alone and working from home but I thought I could wear that new dress which was unopened! So there I was, wearing a new dress with high heels and full makeup. Oh it felt so good! You have to do things to uplift your spirit. Nobody else can do that for you, it’s you who can help yourself.
Feel Good Factor!
I spoke to all my friends from across the globe that day. One friend suggested we do the cake cutting through Zoom Video Call. That was a brilliant idea!! I again decked up for my evening remote B’day celebration.
So what if I’m alone?? I still get to deck up on my B’day!!
My gang had organised the call at 7PM and there we were together on one screen from 3 different locations!
That’s my Cup Cake 🙂 B’day celebration
Dubai + Gurgaon + Goa … Far yet Near!! Love u all..
My friend’s lil girl made that for me!! So pampered.. much love .. mwaahhhh!!!
I had a great day and it all happened because I decided not to ruin it. I know many people might have made their travel plans but got ruined because of current situation. I suggest make optimum use of what is in hand and am sure you will not regret. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!

3 responses to “Lockdown B’day Celebration… 2020!”

  1. Rohan Newar says:

    This lockdown has really taught us some lessons, we shouldn’t overthink anything.
    It will just make it worse.
    If it’s going to happen then it will.

    • Rohan Newar says:

      And I am sure you will remember this birthday celebration for lifetime. You are a very strong and positive person I have ever known tattta,
      I am stuck in kolkata with my roommate and I was complaining that I am feeling bored , irritatted.
      But when I thought about you, alone in goa. How are you managing and making this period productive. Hats off tatta..
      If things are not in your control , then why to worry hay tatta.

      • Nilz says:

        That’s true.. you can’t do anything about it so you might as well enjoy than complaining.. Accept what you can’t change..

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