Is your lockdown time productive enough?

Is your lockdown time productive enough?

Am sure all of you had travel plans which got cancelled due to this unfortunate circumstances. I had booked a return flight from Goa to Delhi which got cancelled too. At least the Airlines are giving a credit voucher which can be used later. Right now all we can do is pray that it gets normal soon and we bounce back again. 

I understand the lockdown could be frustrating and depressing at the same time. I share the same feelings with the ones who are away from their family and living alone. I know it can be very lonesome at times but we need to pull ourselves together and fight back with rigour. Not sure how you’re spending your time but there could be variety of  productive things which you can get indulge in. 

Let me share how my weekdays look it… 

  • I wake up in the morning around 6:30 – 7:00AM. Then I make sure I do my Yoga. Yes, start with some breathing exercises and do Surya Namaskar and other Asana’s. I always end with 10mins Savasana. It makes me calm and at peace. Yoga is good to kick start your day!
Start the day with Yoga!
  • I usually don’t cook. But since the lockdown happened, maids aren’t allowed in the society so I have no option but to prepare my own meal. I must say, I have learnt cooking!! Youtube is of great help and it guides me in cooking what I want to eat. I didn’t know I could cook too. That’s something I have explored about myself. I usually finish breakfast by 9:30AM
  • Since I am working from home, post breakfast you’ll find me with my laptop, working. 
Sip a cup of coffee and start working!
  • Couple of hours of work then I get ready to prepare lunch. I usually cook more food so that I don’t have to spend time on cooking everyday. I’m not a cooking type, I can’t cook meal everyday.
  • Post lunch, I usually get busy with office work again. Till it’s evening I’m already exhausted. A good cuppa tea is a saviour! 
  • Evenings are more with Netflix/Prime. I have watched almost all that is available I guess. 
  • Bedtime book read. Currently I’m reading “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma and “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. 

So yea more or less, that’s how my weekdays look like. You wanna know what I do on weekends?? 

  • Clean the House
  • Sweep the Floor
  • Mop the Floor
  • Wash Clothes 
  • Cook Good Food
  • Read
  • Watch Netflix/Prime whole day …

OMG… it’s so tiring. I’ve never swept or mopped before. One thing I miss the most is my maid who comes to clean my place and my cook who comes to prepare food for me. 

Anyways, I must admit that I have learnt new things about myself. I have done things which I had felt I could never do. It’s good to explore new things. 

Few apps that has come handy as they have made it free of cost due to COVID 19.

  • Balance App – You can use it for meditation. It is really useful. I use sleep meditation at times when I’m anxious and just can’t sleep.
  • Down Dog – This is for Yoga. You can use it for practicing guided Yoga. 

Not sure for how long it’s going to be free so benefit from it when you can.

Few dishes that I have prepared this lockdown period. This is an achievement for me.

Egg Chicken Roll
Masala French Toast!
Chicken Biryani…
Yummy Momos ..
Bell pepper with Egg…
Tibetan Sha Faley..

If you are looking for more options on what can be done during this period, you can follow the below link and get some great ideas!!

Here is their list of things you should do while you’re stuck at home if you are a travel lover.

How is the lockdown treating you? Share your experiences and your achievements in the comment box below.. 

Stay Home and Be Safe!


10 responses to “Is your lockdown time productive enough?”

  1. Sambhawna Pradhan says:

    Its good to read your lockdown period.Mine is also going somewhat same like yours and yeah soon going to be Masterchef of my house(thanx to YouTube)

    • Nilz says:

      Hahaha.. Thanks.. Am sure all of us are becoming Masterchef in our own ways!!

    • Nandita Chettri says:

      So after reading your interesting lockdown me analysing mine! This lockdown for me is going like eating a basket full of apples! The first phase- just like Eating the first few apples..really enjoyable and full of gratitude to God for this unforeseen holiday of sorts:) ! No work rush in the mornings, No lunch boxes to be packed, no homeworks to be completed! Waaaah..and the best part was that we had no cases of the Virus in our state! The only thing which I did was spend quality time with my kids and time to get back to my long lost hobby of reading again!
      Feelings changed some days later as I was starting to get bored and tired of playing “house wife”! With no domestic help, I felt like I was transformed to Durga Maa with several hands ! Atleast going to work, gave me breaks and off periods..but now it was continuous work! It seemed like I was running a race alone and the finish line was Far beyond my reach! The apples were now losing their juicy taste as I was kinda getting bored of it!
      Yes, Quality time with family was something we yearned for…but now it was losing its “Quality”:(

      From cooking new dishes to changing the Bed room decor, designing my kids’ study cum play room to settling all the wardrobes, almost everything in my pending “to do” list was getting ticked off!
      My daughter’s Sunday Bharatnatyam classes Have begun through Google Duo and School classes whole week through WhatsApp! Why am I saying this? As Sundays have gotten more busier these days with me manning her online classes with all the tech help! Also I need to make her do not only howeworks now, but even class work ! Me too, by now have begun teaching my students online and now Maa Durga needs a Pair of ‘prosthetic arms’!!
      Now I guess I have reached the bottom of my apple basket, where I am in a position that I better not eat them anymore. I am full:)

      These days..sleeping Till late didn’t charm me anymore! I needed more hours in my day and Since last week my mantra is wake up early, finish all the work and try to get some “Me time” before everyone else wakes up!
      Let’s see what kinda days this Covid 19 phase will still show us! Some more realisations, prayers, self assessments, lots of reflection!
      As optimistic as I am that things will get normal very soon, and even knowing that if this happens,I need to park my read..indefinitely, yet the book I chose to read is the first part of a Trilogy. I still can see the remaining two books looking at me with expectant eyes! Hoping against hope that I finish them before the lockdown gets over! Or vice versa😷
      Rest is history…which, I guess, we are still writing!

      Love Nanz!

      • Nilz says:

        That’s quite a realization Nanz! I guess all of us are confused whether to be happy or be sad. On one hand we have all the time and on the other we are bored of doing the same tasks again and again. I think too much of everything is also not healthy. I guess we have to try and be content with what we have in hand. Hopefully this too shall pass..

  2. Rohan Newar says:

    Next time please give credit from whom you have inspired 😉 for making those egg roll especially hahahah. Love you tatta.
    Lockdown has brought better version of you.

  3. Deependra Pradhan says:

    The chief inside u is just coming out.. Other days, u r just too lazy to go to the kitchen.. 👌👌👍👍

  4. ali ahmed says:

    Lock down was actually fun time for me as it gives me more time to work on my desert safari business and the blog about it.

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