Can You Be Addicted to Travel?

Can You Be Addicted to Travel?

I sometimes wonder if Travel is my addiction. I love hotel rooms and even while I was living in Goa, I used to book a hotel in some other part of Unseen Goa and crash for a day or two. So, can one be addicted to Travel or is it just a change in the surrounding that one is looking for?

If you ask me, in case I don’t travel for couple of months I feel demotivated and cranky. It feels as if I am taking a Travel Dose which keeps me going for sometime and once it starts to whither, it starts impacting me. Does anyone feel the same? Please this is an open forum and am asking for an honest answer.

I feel restless thinking there’s so much to do and so much to see but I don’t have time. We are overworked and busy with our professional life that we forget our own well-being. How can anyone manage everything together? When I am sitting in the lap of nature, I feel divine. When I hear the waves of the ocean hitting the shores, I feel rejuvenated. The concrete jungle where I live has obstructed my view and I can’t see anything ahead. I am longing to breathe fresh air, I am dying to walk bare foot in the sand.

Is there even a word as a Travel Addict and am I one of it? I feel lost when my dose goes beyond the normal level. Once I travel and get back, I am full of action. I am energised and ready for anything that comes my way. Just please educate me if anyone of you have solved this puzzle.

Last I traveled was to Manali, that too in April and today we are sitting in August. The efficacy of my doze has definitely reached the Red Alert level. I end here hoping I get to travel soon before I go insane. You guys think about what I said and let me know your views on it.





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